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This is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • Orientation Workshop (Fosbrooke, 1977)
    We had a long and informed discussion in witch numerous valuable points were made. This short report can do justice to only a few of these. It addressed the seven types of obstacle named in the Plenary session and the way ...
  • Ogle, Brian (Rural Development Centre(IRDC),SUAS, Uppsala, Sweden, 1991)
    Intensive livestock-based smallholder systems for semi-arid areas of the tropics are discussed by Brian Ogle based on the HADO, Tanzania, experience. Various options for introducing animals in mixed farming systems exist ...
  • Fosbrooke, H. A (Fosbrooke, 1972)
    Pelotshetlha is a Kanye lands area consisting of 20 wards. The population of 434 families is distributed among the wards. Houses are scattered throughout an area of approximately 32 000 hectares, with no well- defined ...
  • Fosbrooke, Henry A (Fosbrooke, 1987)
    My briefing as I understand, it, is to identify a broad based theme which could provide a target on which a highly motivated aid mission can focus its efforts on a sustained programme over the next fifteen years* The ...
  • ICUD Commission on Education (1990)
    Two seminars have been held in Lusaka, Zambia during 1969 and 1970, each of these being concerned with the educational issues arising out of the concepts on natural resources, environment and conservation, Both seminars ...

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