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  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1966-11-07)
    President Nyerere accompanied by the Emperor Haile Selassie walks on the red carpet at Addis Ababa airport when he arrived there for the O.A.U's summit conference. Behind Mwalimu in Tanzanian's Ambassador to Ethiopia. Mr. ...
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1966-02-24)
    At the Banquet of honor: Premier and Mme Chuo En-Lai gave a banquet in honor of Tanzania President and Mme Julius K. Nyerere in Peking on February 19 last year. Photo shows Premier Chuo En-Lai (right) and President Nyerere ...
  • Unknown author (Daily News, 1980-08-22)
    President Nyerere laying the foundation stone for the new Bukoba District party headquarters while on tour of Kagera Region early this week.The project will cost 3m/-,Mwalimu has since been to Kigoma Region and is currently ...
  • Unknown author (Daily News, 1980-08-18)
    President Nyerere is expected to arrive at Kibondo in Kigoma Region this morning from Kagera Region to start a three-day tour of Kigoma Region.Mwalimu was in Kagera Region for two days.
  • Unknown author (Daily News, 1977-10-29)
    The production of rubber items,metal products and glass-ware of various shapes and sizes in three different Dar es Salaam industries visibly impressed President Nyerere yesterday.

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